All links in one short, smart link

We've built a tool that makes it easy for you to advertise on multiple markets with one single and smart link.

Easy to Use

Create a link and get started within seconds.

Prevent fraud

Block specific countries to prevent fradulent visitors and bots.


Keep an easy overview over clicks, platforms, devices and how users interact with your link.

We provide a widely useful online marketing tool for everyone.

Fraud filter

Simply turn on "Fraud filter" to prevent scam IPs, bots and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Bounster is intelligent. Once Bounster detects fraudulent behaviour, the IP will get flagged and we will dig into the case.

Update in Realtime

You can update the rules in realtime. Bounster throws a 302 redirect, so your users won't be stuck.


Great overview over statistics. Statistics are private to your account only, unlike etc.




Active Links





Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these frequently asked questions.

Q What is the price?

ATM Bounster is in beta, and therefore it's free for a limited period.

Q How does it work?

You create rules (country, device etc.), enter links and receive a short URL.

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